Balanced for Living - client specific diet & lifestyle planning

My name is Tori Hoehn and I am a Certified Health Counselor.
I started my practice to give real women healthy solutions to diet and wellness.  Solutions that get them off the diet roller-coaster and solutions that LAST!  

My approach is all about balance. 
Once you can embrace a healthy relationship with food, it's amazing how empowered you feel to live a balanced life, full of energy and happiness.  

First we examine your lifestyle and get to the heart of "why" you may be  unbalanced. Then I empower you with: 

  • easy-to-follow strategies, meal plans and recipes
  • my favorite food samples, books, handouts and self-help products 
  • homemade batches of my favorite healthy recipes, created by me, just for you! 

You can find me at Jumping Frog Studios in Tenafly, NJ where I meet with private Clients and also lead weekly group discussions.  Click here for more information.

Tori approves the nutraMetrix line of nutritional supplements: 
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